Monday, May 9, 2011

Point and Shoot

On the weekend, Saturday afternoon to be exact, I hurt my big toe.

How? I have no idea. One minute I was running to the door from the bed and the next minute my toe was bent backwards on the ground. Two reasons why I don't run; I can't and I'm a klutz. 

It hurt SO bad. I was crying and laughing at the same time laying on the bed. The mister didn't know what to do!
Not long after - why it bled I still don't know.
Initial observations (swelling, bleeding and bruising) led us to believe it was broken. I admit that whenever I hurt my toes or nose I think they are broken. In my defence though I told the mister that I broke my little toe (same foot) about a month ago and he told me it definitely was not broken. Well, it is still swollen so he's come around to the fact that yes it most likely is broken.
Happy Mother's Day!
My poor big toe is not broken and is actually not even sore today. Awesome! It still looks pretty and sore but thankfully is not swollen.

It was funny trying to walk on wet grass with thongs yesterday. It got to the point where I took my thong off and walked barefoot as it was easier. Today I'm going to attempt shoes. Flat shoes. Wish me luck!

Want to play Point and Shoot? Head over to sunny+scout and play :) It's fun.Check out the amazing blog too. All those wonderful photos, so jealous!


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