Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sixteenth Day - 'Señorita' by Justin Timberlake

The sixteenth challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'a song that reminds you of a holiday'.

I couldn't think of one until I wrote down the holidays I remembered. Slack I know. The only one that stuck out was Schoolies and 'Señorita' by Justin Timberlake.

I remember it playing at the beach when we were there. At the time I was slightly in love with Justin. I may or may not have devised a wicked kidnapping plan that involved him falling in love with me and my flame covered VW bug. It was fool proof.

I remember this song playing as we were dancing crazy with a group of randoms. My then best friend, now ex (we were together a year out of school for two years) refused to dance so we were all trying to make him dance. 

It was a crazy fun time that I remember fondly but wouldn't do it now.

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