Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was born and bred in Brisbane, Queensland. More accurately I was born in Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital in the building that no longer stands. 
Beautiful old building
I was bred in Strathpine, Narangba and Burpengary, Queensland. When they were small country type towns. This isn't about how much I hate progress but rather this is about my relationship with my state.

My parents were born in other states so they don't have the emotion and loyalty to Queensland that Queenslander's do and should have. 

In January this year my grandma had a stroke so mum, munchkin and I went down to NSW visit her. It was the same week that the Brisbane river decided to remind us that she can be a bitch as well as her lovely usual self. I begged my mum to take me home so I could get home and experience the trauma with my city. I think she understood to an extent.

It made me think about my relationship with my city, my home. Why I felt this pull to be there when it needed me most. 

I came up with one word. Loyalty. 

Brisbane has been loyal to me. Yet I haven't been entirely loyal to it. 

This morning a bus reminded me that I still am not loyal to Queensland. Yes, a bus. A bus filled with balloons, streamers and various photos of Queensland. 
The bus
The photos included the 2011 floods. They reminded me of the camaraderie felt in the face of disaster. I was reminded of working with the Australian Army, Salvation Army, Queensland Police, people who lost nothing and those who lost everything, during the clean up. We were one. We worked together regardless of our backgrounds and current situations.
My fellow passengers
Queensland you have converted me. 
Thank you bus
I am now proud to be a Queenslander including in the state of origin. 

There I said it. I'm a moron, I mean a maroon (sorry dad).

I think Queensland deserves my loyalty.

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  1. I grew up in Strathpine and Kallangur and I now live in Narangba!!!!!!


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