Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Wishes

Mother's Day is tomorrow, Sunday 8th May.

Two years ago that was my due date. Naive me thought that meant I would be giving birth that day. I didn't. He was four days overdue according to measurements. When he came out covered in a hormonal rash, with wrinkly and flaking skin it was decided he was over a week overdue.
Mother's Day 2009
Last year Mother's Day was a relaxed affair. We visited the mister's mum who was in hospital then relaxed the rest of the day. I actually don't remember much of it. I think I was surprised with flowers. I'm sure the mister would have looked after me well.

So why don't I remember it much? Almost every day feels like Mother's Day. I'm so fortunate to have the mister. He cooks, helps clean, let's me sleep in occasionally, surprises me with little gifts (chocolate), tells me he loves me everyday and makes me feel beautiful daily. As I said, I'm very fortunate.

So what do I want for Mother's Day? Apart from world peace I'd like a gift donated. A blanket and hug to a homeless mum, a birth kit for less fortunate mothers, clean drinking water for the mothers whose families don't have it, a flower to those mothers in nursing homes who feel forgotten, or how about a beautiful scarf or hat for mothers battling cancer.

I've got what I want for Mother's Day. A healthy, loving family and my first beautiful Mother's Day card from munchkin. It's time to give to those who don't.
Mother's Day Card 2011
Inside Mother's Day card 2011
What do you want for Mother's Day?


  1. That card is beautiful. Something to keep forever :)

  2. Gorgeous post.
    So very very true.
    I overheard two of my girls playing nicely together today for a change and right there I said to myself "Happy Mother's day". It's all about moments like those.


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